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The Early Years of Walkers Radiators

There has been a garage on the current Walkers Garage site since before WW2. In the early years it was equally agricultural tractors and cars repaired in a wooden garage.

The current owner Steve Smith started at Walkers almost 40 years ago in early 1973 when Walkers was a British Leyland franchise dealer selling Morris Marina's and Austin Allegro's. He steered the company through 10 years with Mitsubishi Motors and took Lancia and Fiat in 1989.

Steve's Motorsport has always featured heavily in the garage activities and it was when his rally car needed a better radiator that he recruited a radiator technician " Debbie " and started Walkers Radiators. This was way back in 1984. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then!

Originally all the work was with Copper & Brass radiators. Soon radiators with plastic tanks were appearing on new cars which required new machinery for the radiator repairer. Then Aluminium built radiators were becoming the 'in vogue' material especially for motorsport. Therefore in 1990 Steve & Simon King ( The current head of the Radiator department  ) went off to the local Technical College to learn about welding aluminium and Tig Welding techniques. Walkers Radiators has never looked back since those days.

Today Walkers are a well known Motorsport Radiator design & manufacturer with an impressive list of Motorsport teams & manufacturers as its customers.

We may have some grand, Internationaly known motorsport companies as customers but we still haven't forgotten our roots and every day we have a list of car & agricultural radiators for rebuilds from local customers.

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