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Agricultural Radiators

Walkers Radiators have been repairing radiators for local farmers, contractors and agricultural dealers & merchants since the companies inception in 1984.

Tractor radiators are surely the biggest type encountered in our workshops. However we have had the occasional Terrex/Euclid quarry dump truck that we have had to man handle with a JCB ! Vintage tractor radiators are very common these days from the the old TEF Fergusons & Nuffield Universals to Field Marshal with its Withnal tubes.

Walkers Radiators can obtain replacement radiator cores manufactured for every radiator design & use. If the radiator tanks and fittings are damaged or simply too old, twisted or too rusty to repair Walkers can fabricate new parts in its own fabrication shop to get you back to work.

Walkers Radiators can also often increase the performance of your radiator. Without increasing the size of your radiator by simply fitting today's technology of tube and finn designed cores into your radiator you can often expect between 10% & 50% improvement in cooling.

For combine radiators where there is a high dust atmosphere we can change the core design to allow free flow of dust through the radiator to eliminate blockages without loosing cooling efficiency.

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